Cookies Policy

This Cookie Policy contains clear and explicit information about the tracking technologies used on the websites and (hereinafter the "Website") and the Giro d’Italia Virtual platform (hereinafter the "Platform GIV") by Giro d’ Italia Virtual, as well as your rights as a user (hereinafter the "User") to restrict this use.

This Cookie Policy forms part of our Privacy Policy, as well as our Legal Notice and our Terms of Use.

1. Presentation

Our Website and/or Platform use cookies to manage user experience and to understand how people use our Website and/or Platform in order to provide information about our services in a more personalised way.

The use of our technical cookies is necessary for you to be able to use our Website and/or Platform. With regard to other cookies, you can choose the category of cookies you wish to activate in the cookies banner that appears when you first access our Website and/or Platform.

This Cookie Policy describes what data these cookies collect, how we use them and why we use them. We also indicate how you can restrict or block cookies from being automatically downloaded to your computer device. However, this may impact certain elements of the functionality of the Website with respect to more personalised settings and display as detailed below.

2. What Cookies Are

These are small data files that are downloaded to the User's device when logging on to the Website and/or Platform. Cookies allow Giro Virtual to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of the User or their device and, depending on the information they contain and the way they use their equipment, they can be used to recognise users visiting the Website and/or Platform..

3. What cookies does the website use?

A cookie is a small piece of data (text files) that a website, when visited by a user, asks your browser to store on your device to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information. These cookies are set by us, and are called first-party cookies. We also use third party cookies (which are cookies from a domain other than the domain of the Website you are visiting) for our advertising and marketing research. Specifically, we use cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes:

4. Blocking Or Deleting Cookies

If you wish to delete from your browser the cookies stored by our Website and/or Platform, in general, you should go to the Preferences or Settings menu of your browser and look for the Privacy section. By way of example, you can follow the following steps:

5. Contact

In case of any doubt about our cookies, you may contact us by email at , as well as at the address indicated in the Legal Notice and Terms of Use, in this case we will process your data to answer your request or query as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Updated: 18th May 2021