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Frequently Asked Questions

The Giro d'Italia Virtual is a non-competitive cycling event that takes place in a simulated environment identical to the Giro d’Italia. It features an innovative technology, mixing real video footage with 3D simulation. It's made-up of several stages (or sessions), that can be completed at any time and as many times as you wish, within a given period. Despite not being competitive, there will be a ranking.

Access the BKOOL Cycling app and you will see the Giro d'Italia Virtual section highlighted. Enter any of the available stages, the participants will be able to join the session during the 10 minute warm-up period before the stage starts. Another option is to join one of the stages which has already started, and to do the stage from the beginning so that you time in taken into account. These session can be found in the 'Live' section of the main screen.

You can repeat a stage as many times as you like, having your best time registered in the rankings, however the points will only be awarded once, for completing the stage. If a user has not completed all the stages currently available, s/he will always be shown in the rankings after those who have completed all stages.

In order to enjoy a good simulation, we recommend that you check in the following link that your device has the minimum requirements.

If you still have any doubts, please visit our Support Page >

Starting on October 2021!

Starting on October 2021!

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